Control Cable 18ga 25 Conductor Sawmill Equipment Wire

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Control Cables
  • Sells by the foot
  • 20 foot min.
  • 18 gauge
  • 25 conductors
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Replacement control cable for your sawmill or forestry equipment. Buy by the foot, typically 20 foot minimum.

Solve Your Intermittent Control Problems

Most down time on an automated sawmill is in the control cable.  Fix it and let the new cable pay for itself in downtime.  Just restarting the motors back up will pay for new cable for each time a wire gets troublesome.

Lasting Quality

The manufacture is SouthWire, and one of the biggest manufacturers of control cable in the world. It comes with a 1 year warranty and you can relax in knowing the little bit of time replacing your old long lasting cable with new long quality products.


Flexible multi-conductor control cable, 25 conductors (includes ground), 18 AWG, PVC/Nylon conductor insulation material, black with white numbers and green/yellow ground, unshielded, TPE jacket, gray, cut to length.


Great for over the pantograph, main control cable, remote automated machinery or other controlling machinery.