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From Carriages to Support Equipment. We got that, We even do custom equipment. Let us know what you are looking for. Check below to learn more!

Montgomery Equipment Products

Carriage Models

We have 4 models to choose from with openings up to 48″. Find out which model best suits your needs.

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Log Handling

This is the equipment that feeds the logs to the carriages. Log Turners, Decks & Loaders. See what we make.

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Board Handling

This is the equipment that takes the board away from the carriage. Rolls and Conveyors are in this section.

Support equipment
Supporting Equipment

Equipment that supports the carriage like Husk, Hydraulic Feeds, and Operator Cabs are in this category. Find out more!

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Replacement parts and Upgrade kits are inside here. The stuff to get you up and running better than before!

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Custom Needs

Have special needs, or wants in your Sawmill? Start here to to see what we may be able to do for you!

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