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About Montgomery

Montgomery as been a name in sawmills for nearly 50 years.  From the initial tong dog patent that started Montgomery into the industry of sawmill equipment, to today, where we have 4 series carriages with multiple sizes openings.  Support equipment like hydraulic feeds, turners and operator cabs.  We are now a full blown manufacturer which still have the special concern for the sawmiller on the smaller side, or just starting out.  Just like when Hubert Montgomery was struggling as a sawmiller and decided to create a better way of working nearly fifty years ago.  To learn more in depth about the history of Montgomery Automated Sawmill Equipment visit our about page.  We look forward to seeing you there.

What Our Customers Say

Our Customers Would Never Use another Sawmill again.
Caleb Bjorkin

Caleb Bjorkin

Sawmill, NC

"Will knows what he talkin' 'bout."

Bob Moretz

Bob Moretz

Sawmill Owner, MD

" I sawed millions of board feet on my first Montgomery sawmill. So when it came time to upgrade, I chose Montgomery again, and again until I had 3 mills set up. "


Ken Kanode

Owner, PA

"Running the same carriage since the 80's. Keeps on working everyday."


Learn History and Stories of Other Saw-Millers

Hubert Montgomery

Hubert Montgomery Hubert Montgomery ran a sawmill in the 50’s and came up with a better ideal for a dogging system.  Eventually designing and patenting the tong dog system and Full knee tapering.  These are Read more…

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