This page is about the Montgomery FR series Sawmill Equipment

The FR series is the original basis of design since Montgomery had patented them. Based on the original concept, improvements have constantly been added to bring this Montgomery carriage into an accurate High Production Mill

Montgomery FR Series

FR Description

3 dog air carriage shown

The Montgomery FR series carriage is based from the original patented design. Standard openings from 36″ to 44″. Standard carriage lengths of 10ft, 15ft, and 20ft, or any custom length. Available in Air, or hydraulic dogs and setwork drive. Designed for a traditional setup of ways & track, husk, and sawcab, any component can be added or subtracted to your price to make a complete customized perfect fit for your sawmill, and your wallet.

Openings for the FR Series Carriages & Sawmills



Find out all the size specific dimensions for the FR36 Carriages and mills



Find out all the size specific dimensions for the FR40 Carriages and mills



Find out all the size specific dimensions for the FR44 Carriages and mills

  • Features
  • Options
  • Mill Specs
  • All Steel 3/8" tubular carriage frame
  • Reversible , replaceable wear plates
  • Ratchet style cable tighteners
  • 0-4" variable full knee tapers
  • 8 cam style setworks
  • Individual dog cut-outs
  • Electrical & Mechanical safety limits
  • Easy read 24" dial
  • Wrap around knee hold down guides
  • Double tapered roller bearings in wheels
  • Auto mist oiling of wear points and surfaces
  • Air, Hydraulic, or electric setwork drives
  • Setwork drive motors 3HP to 7-1/2HP
  • HD 10" wheels
  • Cant turner kickers
  • Taper limits
  • Computer Setworks
  • Air, or Hydraulic dogging
  • Hammer (log) dogs
FR Mill SpecificationsOpeningsAvailable Options
Carriage Opening364044 
Standard Carriage Lengths10. 15. 2010. 15. 2010. 15. 20up to 30ft
Deluxe Husk Mandrel Lengthup to 12ftup to 12ftup to 12ft 
Dogs Opening22"22"22" 
Dogs Retracted  5/8  5/8  5/8 
Dogs Extended3  5/83  5/83  5/8 
Mandrel Diameter2 15/162 15/162 15/16 
Mandrel Collar8"8"8" 
Sill to Top of Tailor22 3/422 3/423 3/4Custom
Overall Height88 1/288 1/288 1/2 
Wheels8"8"10"8" or 10"
Approx Weight 15ft 4 dog5,250lbs5,450lbs5,650lbsCustom
Track Centers34 5/838 5/844 1/4 
Overall Width (no Mandrel)136 1/8140 1/8145 3/4Custom
Carriage Height17"17"18"Option
Max Open Carriage Width74 1/278 1/282 3/4 
Overall Carriage Width61 1/265 1/269 3/4 
Min Distance Saw to Wall92"96"101"Custom

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