WB series Montgomery Sawmill Equipment start bring the same great features into a heavy duty frame with a wider wheel base. This makes a very sturdy stable platform to saw on for years to come. Let’s check into the WB some more.

WB Series Carriages

WB Description

Hydraulic Carriage Shown

WB Carriages are the go between for the FR series and the HD series carriages.  It has a wide wheel base for sawing stability, but can be built to accept FR series dogging, or step up to the WB/ HD dogs.  Square axle stock, with 12, or 14″ wheels. 

What can the WB Series carriage and equipment do for me?

The WB series equipment is built heavier than the FR,and SL models. Bigger box tube and heavier 1/2 wall up front where you need it most. Also the axles are 2-1/2″ square with wheels up to 14″ in diameter set on a wider stance. The versatility of this carriage allows for the FR series dogs, or the HD series dogging. This give ample opportunity to fit any budget based on your sawing needs. To learn more about the dimensions of the WB series go below and access the opening specific dimensions so you can get a better feel for the WB carriage and how it measures up.

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  • Features
  • Options
  • Mill Specs
  • All Steel 1/2" and 3/8" tubular carriage frame
  • Reversible , replaceable wear plates
  • Ratchet style cable tighteners
  • Standard 12" wheels
  • Hydraulic setworks w/ 8 presets
  • Individual dog cut-outs
  • Electrical & Mechanical safety limits
  • Easy read 24" dial
  • Full Knee wrap around knee hold down guides
  • Large double tapered roller bearings in wheels
  • Hydraulic Dogging
  • Rathet Style cable tighteners
  • Replaceable dog bits
  • Positive rack & pinion movement
  • Air Dogging
  • Computer Setwork 
  • HD 14" wheels
  • Cant turner kickers
  • Tapers 0" to 4" Variable, Up to 12" available
  • Computer Setworks
  • Push Button Lubrication
  • Hammer (log) dogs
  • Dog Bits Thickness Up To 1 1/4"
  • 2 3/16 Min-twist set shaft
WB Mill SpecificationsOpeningsAvailable Options
Carriage Opening364044 
Standard Carriage LengthsUp to 20ftUp to 20ftUp to 20ft 
Deluxe Husk Mandrel Lengthup to 12ftup to 12ftup to 12ft 
Dogs Opening26 1/2"26 1/2"26 1/2" 
Dogs Retracted  5/8  5/8  5/8 
Dogs Extended3  5/83  5/83  5/8 
Mandrel Diameter2 15/162 15/162 15/16 
Mandrel Collar8"8"8" 
Sill to Top of Tailor22 3/422 3/423 3/4Custom
Overall Height88 1/288 1/288 1/2 
Approx Weight 15ft 3 dog9,250lbs9,750lbs10,600lbsCustom
Track Centers49 3/453 3/458 3/8 
Overall Width (no Mandrel)136 1/8140 1/8145 3/4Custom
Carriage Height17"17"18"Option
Max Open Carriage Width89"93"97 5/8" 
Min Open Carriage Width73"77"81 5/8" 

Here is the WB Brochure