This page is about Montgomery Operator Cabs

Montgomery Saw Cabs, Saw Booths, or Operator Cabs, what ever you want to call them, come with many features and have tons of options you can add on for a complete solution for your needs. Take a look below at the 2 models we offer and see which one fits you best.

Montgomery Operator Cabs

Montgomery Operator Cabs

2 Models to choose from

We offer two style models, a straight sided smaller cab that fits one operator, or sawyer well. The deluxe sloped side model is larger as well. Both are made with replacement parts, glass and metal panels. Just in case you have a run away log. Options like heat, AC, sound deadening insulation, pre-wired, air ride, and lexan, or double laminated glass are available. Find out more below!

Models of Operator Cabs for your Sawmill Equipment



The SL saw cab comes with straight sides and is designed to set on a sawyers platform, Lexan Glass is standard.



The deluxe cab has sloped sides to reduce glare and dust build up. With a bigger base than the SL, and more room to move around.

  • Features
  • Options
  • Mill Specs
  • Replaceable panels
  • Replaceable windows
  • All Steel Remote Saw Guide
  • Diamond Plate Floor (or platform)
  • Valving designed to mount underneath
  • Standard wiring 220VAC to 110VAC
  • Heat
  • Air Conditioning
  • Carpet
  • Sound Deadening Insulation
  • Console pedastal
  • Pedal Controls
  • Handle Controls
  • Operator Seats (stanard fixed, standard swivel, deluxe swivel)
  • Boots over handles
Cab SpecificationsStandardDeluxe
Weight (before options)610 lbs875 lbs
Base4 x 4 ft4x 5 ft
Cubic Feet112 cu ft175 cu ft
Standard window materialLexanLexan

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