Hubert Montgomery

Hubert Montgomery ran a sawmill in the 50’s and came up with a better ideal for a dogging system.  Eventually designing and patenting the tong dog system and Full knee tapering.  These are the key features we are still known for today.


In the 70’s Frick honored the patent and bought thousands of dog assemblies over the years until Frick’s closing in 1980.  During that time, Montgomery had designed one of the first sloped glass saw cabs, Simple cam style setworks, and hydraulic and hydrostatic feeds among other sawmill related equipment.


When Frick went out of business, Montgomery had a full line of sawmill equipment.  Since that time Montgomery has added several models and expanded the line of equipment.  Over the years constant improvements have always been added and incorporated into the Montgomery equipment making it one of the best mills for your investment.  This is the original ideal that Hubert had years ago, and is still the underlying theme today…”Give the customer the best you can at a fair price, give him affordable quality”!

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