This page is about the Montgomery Husk Frames

The Husk frame is the part of the sawmill that takes the second most abuse. It is designed to hold a saw mandrel true to thousands of an inch tolerance while the saw is cutting. It also is typically designed to hold other equipment such as drive motors, hydraulic feeds, and belt offbearers. it has to be built sturdy enough to hold this equipment while minimizing vibrations, and definitely any movement.

Montgomery Husk

Montgomery Husk Frames

Two Styles Available

The Montgomery Husk Frame comes in a Standard and a Deluxe style to best suit your needs. Depending on what you need, you can receive a husk that includes framing and holes for a sawyers booth, or hydraulic feed, off bearer belts, top saws, different mandrel lengths up to 12 feet. Plus much more! All husk are designed to be level with the bottom of the ways and track for easy setup. With self aligning husk spacing for easy setup. See below for more specifications!

Two Husk Models to Choose From



The basic husk frame to securely hold the mandrel and saw guide. Available for all size carriages.



The best seller, it includes a saw cab mounting area, and comes ready for off bearer, and electric motor, or husk mounted feeds. Available for all size carriages!

  • Features
  • Options
  • Mill Specs
  • All Steel Heavy Duty frame
  • 2 Piece Heavy Duty Tapered Roller Bearings
  • All Steel Remote Saw Guide
  • Off Bearer Ready
  • Saw Cab Ready (deluxe)
  • Machined Bearing Pad Surface
  • Engineered Gusseted Corners
  • Front Beam Fully Gusseted
  • Fixed Diameter Top Saw
  • Adjustable Variable Diameter Top Saw
  • Off Bearer Ready
  • Pantograph Post Height
  • Sawyers Cab Ready ( deluxe)
  • All Steel Remote Saw guide
  • Mandrel Lengths to 12ft
  • Mandrel Driven Husk Mount Hydraulic Feeds
  • Electric Motor Mounts
Husk SpecificationsStandardDeluxe
Weight (at least)940 lbs1570 lbs
Overall Width93.5"117"
Overall length (less mandrel)41"96"
Mandrel Bearings23
Collar Diameter8"8"
Mandrel Length6 ft to 10 ft8 ft to 12 ft
Mandrel Diameter2 15/16"2 15-16"
Overall Height (standard)84"84"

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